You are always the one negotiating. But you can use other people’s experience for your own benefit.

Negotiation Experts


Our trainer and consulting team consists of experts. In addition to their negotiating skills, they have diverse experience as trainers and leaders in the international environment.


Founder and site manager of the Bullinger Institute for Negotiation Zurich, Trainer and Consultant
He has decades of international experience as a negotiating trainer, mediator and coach for companies in various industries. In 2013 he developed the Zurich Negotiation Model®.
«In the last 15 years I trained several thousand negotiating professionals and accompanied as a mediator many major conflict cases. It is always amazing to see how many additional solutions are possible when we apply our value-based approach – especially in deadlocked situations. The Zurich Negotiation Model® provides the practice-oriented methodology. »


Georg Faust, lic. iur., LL.M. Associate Consultant

Worked for numerous years as Claims Manager and Internal Auditor in the direct and reinsurance industry as wll as for the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority which allowed him to develop considerable negotiation experience in an international environment.

«Every day, we negotiate on numerous occasions, often times unconsciously. – Three things fascinate me particularly regarding structured negotiations: the intensive examination (and revisiting) of one’s own and others’ interests, the raised awareness for the importance of good communication, and the creative process of developing options for sustainable negotiation solutions. Along with an increased negotiation competence, negotiation training has also the pleasant side-effect of strengthening solution-oriented thinking and communication skills.»


Andrés Gerique Zipfel, Dr. rer. nat. (DSc), Associate Consultant with emphasis on research

Lecturer in geography at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

«My research into the use of natural resources often shows that a lack of negotiating skills can be the cause of conflict. We are working with Bullinger to make the insights of the Zurich Negotiating Model® applicable in our fieldwork.»


Ingrid Giel, Dr. rer. nat., physicist, Associate Consultant with emphasis on project management

Runs her own company, specializing in coaching, project management and change management. She also holds the posts of lecturer in project management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and trainer in communication at the BWI management training institute in Zurich. She has many years’ experience as a software developer, project manager and executive in SMEs and groups of companies; she trained in management coaching and organization development as well as mediation and conflict management.

«I find it endlessly fascinating to observe how people involved in negotiations can resolve seemingly intractable situations by application of the Zurich Negotiating Model®. Its respectful, value-based approach leads to resolutions that are mutually benificial, offering additional advantages for all concerned.»


Michael Harth, Associate Consultant and Trainer

Experienced independent trainer, coach and organisational consultant. As a former lawyer and legal counsel, he has extensive experience in contract negotiations in an international environment.

«What do you see as fundamental elements of your top 10 negotiations? For me it is added benefits for both sides, based on a long-lasting business relationship and the development of a sound foundation of values and trust – the satisfaction of knowing that the deal could be sealed with a handshake. And this is what you get with the Zurich Negotiating Model®


Marcel Zosso, lic. oec. publ., economic mediator, Associate Consultant and Trainer

He collected broad, sales oriented management experience during his activites for well-respected major enter­prises and SMEs in the national and inter­national consumer goods industry, retail- and B-to-B business. 

«When I met Michael Bullinger in a seminar on negotiation, it was immediately clear to me as a manager with a marketing and sales background that this approach to negotiation takes the interests of both parties into consideration, is mutually beneficial and therefore fair and sustainable. The further development of the concept to create the Zurich Negotiating Model®, which we use today in our training, offers a solution-oriented approach that can be applied in all business and life situations, not just in marketing.»


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