«In the Galapagos Biosphere Reserve we have to balance nature, people and economy every day.»

María José Barragán Paladines, PhD, Science Director of the Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos

«In the Galapagos Biosphere Reserve we have to balance nature, people and economy every day. The «Zurich Negotiation Model» training gives us a sound method. For solutions that work for nature, people and the economy.»

«It was the hardest wage dispute in the history of Lufthansa. After the negotiations had stalled, the tariff partners called Michael Bullinger as moderator. With his highly competent handling of the complex situation, his skills and the value- and interest-based methodological competence of the «Zurich Negotiating Model», he succeeded in reviving the talks and enabling the tariff partners to negotiate a comprehensive solution that was convincing for both sides.»

«An outstanding feature of the «Zurich Negotiating Model» is the universal and intercultural applicability. That is why we have made it the key element in Europe and the US and the basis for our long-term business relationships.»

«The strong practical grounding is a big plus. Those attending our leadership seminars are aware that Michael Bullinger has himself conducted important negotiations. Michael Bullinger is one of our top speakers.»

«Michael Bullinger’s distinctive approach to conflict resolution has enabled him to provide valuable ideas and inspiration that are extremely helpful in practice. Above all the clear structure makes the practical application of the concept simpler than methods previously put forward. Thanks to his professional approach and wide-ranging expertise and social skills, Michael Bullinger has shown us how entrenched situations can be resolved, for ourselves and our customers.»

«The win-win approach of the «Zurich Negotiating Model» fits really well with ADCURAM’s philosophy. Thanks to Bullinger’s inhouse seminar we significantly strengthened the level of negotiating skills in our company once again.»

«With his quiet and unruffled demeanour, Michael Bullinger always breaks the ice straightaway, creates an atmosphere of openness and explains things in a way that everyone understands. And the concept can be put directly to work.»

«For the participants in our inhouse negotiation seminars – CEOs and marketing and sales people at management level, working in a tough and dynamic environment – negotiating skills are nothing less than a matter of survival.»

«For me the seminar opened up a field for experimentation that is intelligently and systematically structured to the point of absolute perfection. Simply wonderful how Michael Bullinger used sober statistics to prove that trust, a human approach and discipline always pay off.»


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