Negotiation is a success factor. That’s why negotiating skills pay off in every strategic challenge.


The Bullinger Institute conducts public seminars in Switzerland and Germany.

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«Finally, a negotiating model that incorporates the value level. An absolute must for every negotiating professional. »

«The concept can be excellently transferred into everyday situations.»


We also support companies in building negotiation skills on site.

Bullinger supports its clients in the short term, but with a longer-term perspective as well. The basis is always a jointly developed concept. Depending on requirements, this can include seminars, training, consulting, coaching, mediation, facilitation and major events. The programme is aimed at individuals, teams or whole departments, irrespective of the size of the company or the industry involved. Negotiating skills always produce a better outcome wherever they are applied.


  • ADCURAM Group AG (DE)
  • CAMLOG, Wimsheim (DE)
  • Canton of Aargau, Department of Construction, Transport and the Environment, Aarau (CH)
  • Center for Doctoral Studies, RWTH Aachen (DE)
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG (DE)
  • Epple Holding GmbH, Heidelberg (DE)
  • Ernst & Young, Munich (DE)
  • FAU / University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE), lectureship
  • GESIPA, Mörfelden-Walldorf (DE)
  • Mammut Sports Group AG, Seon (CH)
  • Meyer Burger AG, Gwatt-Thun (CH)
  • Promarca, Swiss Brand Association, Bern (CH)
  • tarifsuisse ag, Solothurn (CH)
  • Zurich bar association

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«The negotiation seminar with Michael Bullinger is the best seminar I have ever taken part in. It should really be mandatory for every company that attaches importance to the negotiating skills of its staff. The cost of the seminar was soon recouped many times over.»


We support our customers at major events with interactive contributions and workshops or as keynote speakers on the subject of «Negotiating with the Zurich Negotiating Model®».

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«The strong practical grounding is a big plus. Those attending our leadership seminars are aware that Michael Bullinger has himself conducted important negotiations. Michael Bullinger is one of our top speakers.»


As facilitator or mediator, we design and take care of the negotiation process, while you can focus on the content as a negotiating partner.

In challenging situations, we support the parties to revive their stalled negotiations and empower them to work together to come up with a sustainable solution.

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«It was the hardest wage dispute in the history of Lufthansa. After the negotiations had stalled, the tariff partners called Michael Bullinger as moderator. With his highly competent handling of the complex situation, his skills and the value- and interest-based methodological competence of the «Zurich Negotiating Model», he succeeded in reviving the talks and enabling the tariff partners to negotiate a comprehensive solution that was convincing for both sides.»


We accompany and support individuals and teams in the preparation of demanding negotiations.

Professional preparation of negotiations brings better results. Whether individuals or negotiating teams – we coach them during preparation and with the help of our structured preparation checklist.

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«Bullinger provided excellent trainings for us - and supported us in challenging real-life negotiations and in developing internal management tools in the best possible way.»


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